The work of the Indian Lands and Public Lands Alliance to bring Native Americans into the public lands management efforts is an effective way to protect wild places.
— Sally Jewell, (Former) Secretary of the Interior, 7/26/17
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Federal lands and Indian lands have been two of the hottest debated topics from colonial times to the present. In the 1930's, the administration of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt made unique progress on public lands protections, while the Indian New Deal created a much needed sea-change in Indian affairs. While the FDR Administration had its imperfections to be sure, the commitment then to conservation, public works, and respect for Indian sovereignty remains an important case study for today.



The uniqueness of the ILPLA among public lands groups stems from the direct input from indian voices in the west. ILPLA seeks to establish a new standard for policy input respecting indian rights, public land management, and federal infrastructure investment,

most critical of all: we seek to eliminate any conflict between public lands advocates and defenders of indian sovereignty. 


OUr Goals

       The overall goal of the ILPLA is to create an alliance between those who wish to defend Indian sovereignty while supporting the integrity of federally protected public lands. Indian lands and public lands are the two leading targets of oligarchical privatization forces who seek to dismantle the modern sovereign nation-state as much as they intend to continue the "slow" genocide of indigenous peoples. 



"I've been protecting this land, long before it was a state."